It is hard enough winning 1 Contractor of the Year award but Lou and Wendy Amiano, owners of Amiano & Son Construction were presented 2 Contractor of the Year Awards on March 28, 2014 in New Orleans from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, also known as N.A.R.I. Amiano & Son have won 3 Awards for 2 years running. They are proud of their staff and the ongoing commitment to quality work.

The awards were for a Kitchen Remodel and a Whole Home Remodel in the Northeast region. The northeast region includes cities like Philadelphia and New York. In the entry you must be able to explain the various points of interest of the project so that outside judges looking in can understand your goals, obstacles, and success in a job well done. The owners do not run their company passively. With numerous projects going on at one time Lou and Wendy oversee the progress of the projects from behind the scenes. This allows them to monitor all of their projects from start to finish and advise staff as needed. "We train our staff ourselves as to the vision of our company and our expectations for our clients. There is constant training going on since things change all the time in every industry. The fewer bumps our customers feel and the more Award worthy projects we produce make us proud. We are a small town Design/Build company with big dreams."

-Wendy Amiano

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