What professions fall into your WOMAN resume

WHAT ? What is she talking about you might ask. I live day by day not thinking about the jobs I actually preform in that day besides my real paycheck job. I was recently very sick and in bed for 5 days, it was awful. For someone who always thinks they don’t do enough I realized what ever it is that I do is actually many different professions rolled into one. This is on top of my full time position managing our remodeling company. I am going to list my professions. I think anyone reading this blog should take the time to go through their professions as well. You may be surprised what you actually do and are expected to do if not daily then weekly.

  1. Chef– Yes chef not cook. My family is very picky, I usually have at least 2 separate meals prepared every night. Last night I did fish fry with Tilapia. I thought, OK- fish fry. My 10year old will like this. NO WAY, he didn’t like it even with Spongebob’s highly recommended tarter sauce. 
  2. Veterinarian assistant– OK, no I do not do surgery but somedays it feels like I do. There are things that we pet owners need to remove from our pets, medications we need to give them, medical devices we put on them, and much more. Some people even birth new pets which is amazing to me.  I have stayed up all night caring for my pets when they fell ill while my husband had the entire bed to himself. 
  3. Landscaper– To some planting, mulching, weeding, mowing, raking, etc is relaxing and enjoyable. Landscaping is a chore for me, I cannot stand it.
  4. Maid- From laundry to cleaning we do it all. Some of you lucky ladies may have a better half who learned to art of laundry and cleaning. I do not have that man. What really kills me is the laundry that seems to always be dirty, you send it up and it comes right back down. The single sock amaze me as well, it is like one sock got sick of the other and took off. CLEANING- my house is rarely 100% picked up. Guess what- we live in the house ! I would need to clean/pick up from from 6 am till midnight if I wanted my house to stay picked up.
  5. Nurse- Illnesses, injuries, medications, rashes, and everything in between- we are the first line of defense. We are on call 24/7. Yes, I know we signed up for this the day we got married, had children, or aging parents we care for. I get it, but we are in fact nurses. Some of my friends are nurses over and over again.  Hey guys do you realize we wipe boogers, wipe buts, examine poop, examine pee, stay calm while attending to injuries, clean up vomit, and stay up till all hours of the night caring for sick family.
  6. Plumber– Why is it that everyone in the family thinks mom is the only one who can unclog a toilet. They act like it is a treat. Worst of all they don’t tell you what happened. Then you or a unsuspecting guest walks into what smells like a sewer plant that needs to be cleansed. We also need to unclog drains and trace the origination of leaks/drips.
  7. Dog walker– everyone wanted the pet and swore on all that is holy they would care for the pet. It never happens, enough said.

    dog walker
    Dog walker
  8. Technology tech– In today’s age of technology comes lots of wires and fancy gadgets. Who ends up fixing all these wires, boxes, gadgets, remotes, phones, & computers ? I hear my name from morning till night when my family has a technology issue. By the end of the day my yes dear has become a WHAT !!!!!!
  9. Counselor–   I don’t mind this job so much, I completely expected it. However, when you have a teenager that likes to share, your counseling couch is busy all day long with tragedies. Not real tragedies mind you, the superficial tragedies, where if you blow them off you don’t care but when you embark on counseling your teen you are speaking out of turn and do not understand what they are going through.  You explain your age and experience however your teen lacks any confidence in your advice then proceeds to make you feel like crap so that you consider looking for a counselor to make yourself feel better.
  10. Travel agent– You plan these trips that you think everyone will love and by the end of the trip you and your family are at odds.  They are bored, they don’t like the food, the room is too small, the room is too big, and the big question from your other half- how much did you pay for this ? I would not rank high as a Travel Agent if reviewed by my family.
  11. Paralegal– Somehow no matter who has a legal issue that arises in my house I am the one to handle it. It doesn’t matter if I was not even there to witness anything. It is now my problem.
  12. Referee– Just stick me in a striped shirt with a whistle. I am breaking up fights all the time. I cannot for the life of me figure out what they are fighting about but there are fouls and penalty flags that need to be called.
  13. Chauffeur– Enough said…….   
  14. Laborer– Many of you may say “What does she mean by laborer?” I hold ladders, hold boards, carry material, clean up work sites, and any other medial tasks my husband will ask me to do in a home improvement project. This annoys and amazes me at the same time. I will do an entire task on my own that involves a ladder, tools, fasteners etc. I will complete the entire task without asking anyone for help. Why can I do that yet no one else in my family can ?
  15. Servant- It seems silly but it is not. Can you get this, can you get that, I need a drink, etc. We can say- No, but we don’t we accommodate our families like we are getting tipped for it.
  16. Party planner– Another job that is not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong. I am good at it, I just don’t enjoy it. The calls, the running, the invites, the reminders, every part of it is exhausting and at the end of it all you wonder if the person realized how much you put into pulling the party off.
  17. Teacher– The amount of homework kids bring home is ridiculous. You wonder what they do in school all day. Then you are online “thank God for the internet”, trying to refresh your memory on Algebra, Geometry, Spanish, or any other subject your child needs help with.  HELLO SCHOOLS- keep our children longer we certainly pay for it in our taxes. Then send them home with less homework so we can enjoy some real family time together.
  18. Bookeeper– Which judging by the amount of debt in America we all suck at that job.
  19. Marketer– In today’s society you see a lot of parents marketing their kids. Then you feel pressured to market your child. You get paranoid wondering if you are doing enough to get them noticed for whatever their special interest maybe. The competition is truly insane and we as mom’s take on the task of promoting our children to the community. You want the other moms’ to know your kid is awesome too. That your kid got a stupid Gold star today, they won a race today, they pet a goat today, whatever it is moms’ promote the crap out of their kids.

I am sure I missed other jobs we do that are volunteer positions, since that is part of being a WOMAN. I would love to hear what I missed. What other jobs do you do that frustrate and tire you but you’ll never quit. We never quit because our dedication and loyalty to those we love is all the payment we ever really expect in the end.