Two Words: Kitchen Remodel

Do the words ‘kitchen remodel’ scare you? If you have never remodeled before, or it’s been awhile since you have made major changes to your house, the idea of a kitchen remodel project may scare you. It can overwhelm and confuse many homeowners. We’re here to tell you that it shouldn’t and what Amiano & Son does that will make all the difference.


Have the bar you’ve always wanted.


The first thing most homeowners worry about is cost. Since this is the basis for any project, it’s going to be a big decision. If you know beforehand how much you can spend it will make the following steps much easier. To get to this step there is usually some research the homeowner undertakes. Thankfully, we have a great resource in Remodeling Magazine’s “Cost vs. Value” which explains prices to clients. This tool is very useful when it comes to understanding the average cost of a kitchen remodel in today’s market. I have provided a link below so you can look it over. Another fabulous resource to use is Home Advisor’s Cost of a Kitchen Remodel. This article breaks down each separate section of the kitchen into cost ranges allowing homeowners to put together their rough budget.

Make the space your own.

The next thing most homeowners consider after they have figured out a budget is who to hire for the project. This is where we explain how Amiano is different than other contractors. Our largest difference is we don’t utilize allowances when creating your contract. We will spell out every, down to the exact color grout we will use. This means you won’t get an allowance amount for cabinets of $10,000, and then actually end up getting a bill for $20,000 that you weren’t budgeting for. Our other difference that allows us stand out against the competition is that we are truly a full service design-build firm. Our team is there for clients every step of the way, from the first appointment, to presentations with 3D renderings, to selections, and finally the finished, quality project. We know that remodeling is a process – one that takes time and guidance. If this blog gave you a little boost in your decision to remodel, make sure to give us a call so we can guide you through the whole process, start to finish.

Before – 3-D Layout
After – Finished Product