New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy

Have you been trying to complete you New Year’s resolutions for years with no luck ? Is it because they are too difficult that you don’t complete them ? What does it do to you when you do not complete a resolution ? Does it kill your confidence, bring you down and do more of the opposite of whatever your resolution was ? For instance- you resolve to lose weight. You invest in a gym membership, starve for a few days/weeks, take some OTC diet pills ? Then what ……………………you don’t lose much weight, feel horrible about the lack luster results and then just eat your sadness away. Worse yet you say to yourself I am just meant to be fat, why even try. No, stop it, you set a high bar with no preparations and actually think it will work.

Join me this year for easy peasy resolutions that are sure to be easy to complete, will improve some part of your life, and do not take up all your already limited time. Let’s do it ! If you have not been following my social media then you have no idea what I am talking about. I am on Resolution #6 for the new year. Join me today by following us on your favorite source of social media. Then try to incorporate a resolution a day for the next 30 days. Can you do it ? YES YOU CAN !