Let’s Tackle the Flooring

It’s another trend report from Amiano & Son . Since it’s the beginning of the year, we like to write about the upcoming trends forecasted for the year. This time around, our focus is flooring. There is always the original hardwood that everyone loves but they don’t always love the price. To combat that issue, there are the less expensive options that can emulate hardwood’s look.

The most popular replacement is WPC (wood plastic composites) because it is waterproof. It’s price point makes it more expensive than other options out there, but it also has dent resistance and can look very similar to wood. The other option that many people recognize is LVT (luxury vinyl tile) which is usually seen as the affordable alternative to hardwood. LVT has seen some improvements in its design, both visually and in terms of installation. Most homeowners are staying away from laminate, although there has been a slight trend in it being used for walls instead of flooring. We will have to see if that trend continues.


Of course, for those willing to spend the money, tile is always a beautiful and usually durable option. Ceramic tile is extremely versatile in design, even emulating wood grain. Since there is this option for wood-like tile, many manufacturers are creating larger pieces. They are hoping this can create a similar style layout to hardwood. Tile has so many options in both color and layout that it is always a top contender for flooring.

Ever decreasing in popularity is carpet. Even though it is at the top of its game in regards to color, design, and durability, many homeowners decide against it. Hardwood will always top the list but it’s competitors are close behind. New technologies and innovations keep the flooring market on its toes. Homeowners will always have options, no matter their budget. We always keep a large range of products in our showroom, including carpet if that’s your thing. Stop in and see where we can take your home, starting with a new floor.