Houzz: A First Time Perspective

As someone who just recently really started exploring the confusing and deep cavern of remodeling, I was glad to find that there are websites that make it a little less hectic. One of those sites is Houzz, which Amiano & Son uses on a daily basis. Think of it as a Pinterest, Wayfair, and Home Advisor combined. It’s a great resource not only for finding contractors, but also to shop products and keep lots of different ideas in one place. After seeing their commercials on TV recently, I decided to take the time and sign myself up for an account to see what Houzz was all about.

Amiano & Son Construction Houzz Page


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                First off, the sign up process is pretty easy and straight forward. You can use a standard email to sign up or utilize your already existing Facebook account, I opted for the latter. Then they ask for the type of project(s) you are looking to do. I don’t have any myself, so I just checked off a bunch that I could possibly see myself doing in the future. Last, they ask for your style preferences, and not just contemporary or modern. It is a long list of styles, decorating colors, patterns, etc… that they allow you to check off. Again, I went through picked what I liked and what I thought I would like in the future.

Where to start your search!


See it, Find it, Buy it!


                This last step brings you to your dashboard, which is a home base for the website. The first thing I noticed was the sale they are having on bar stools. Do I have a bar? No. Do I need stools? Nope. Did I look at the sale? Of course. I was drawn in and from there; falling down the remodeling rabbit hole. I spent at least half an hour browsing everything before I was snapped out of it by Wendy asking what I was working on. Thankfully, that gave me my next blog topic.

                What is a little confusing is where you should go first when you sign up. I guess if you have a project in mind or at least some design ideas, it would be a little easier; I was just browsing general ideas. The navigation is slightly overwhelming because of all the links, but once you have a plan, it should be simple. Overall I think it is a fantastic resource that I will use in the future and I am glad we are such avid proponents of Houzz. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, I have included a link below!



Written By: Amanda Seeland