This modern family of 4 from Hamilton, New Jersey came to us with a not-so-unique situation.  They loved their current location, close to work, close to school, and comfortable in their neighborhood.  They had also most recently taken in an aging parent. All this being said they wanted to make room for the growing family, the guests that visited overnight, the work they preformed from home, and entertaining they did regularly.  After several meetings with our design team including our architect they decided to go with our company. As quoted by the Hamilton family “We were very comfortable with the entire team at Amiano.  We met everyone including the production manager. Everyone listened to our needs and wants. They were able to work it all into our remodel.” We worked with this family from Hamilton through the entire permit process including going for a variance.  After all was complete with the extensive permit process we began construction.  The family had a great time watching our crew turn their design into reality.  Our crew had weekly meetings with the homeowners to make sure everything was on track, let them know of any changes, and get feedback.  In the end our company added a 2-story addition which included a master-suite, master bath, family room extension, sunroom, laundry room, guest bathroom, bilco door extension, side porch entry, front porch, and more overall space.  The result – a close knit family who can still enjoy each other’s company while having extra room for work time and private time.