Feeling the Sick?

It’s cold and flu season. No, this isn’t an ad from your local pharmacy. It’s Amiano’s trusty blog writer coming off of a sick spell. Every year, I look forward to at least one bout of the common cold. Thankfully, it wasn’t the flu, which I know a lot of people are dealing with right now. As much as I try not to get sick, those germs still manage to sneak in. If you are dealing with a cold or the flu, or just want so quick tips in case your season starts up, keep reading.

  1. HYDRATE. This is no joke, especially if you have the flu, because your body can become dehydrated very quickly. Always drink water and if you can’t keep that down, try some enhanced water, like Propel. The electrolytes can help calm a stomach issue but still keep you hydrated.
  2. REST & RESET. This may seem like a simple idea, but it gets over looked often. I know when I was a kid, sick days meant watching cooking shows on TV and just vegging out on the couch. Unfortunately, a sick body needs rest. This is when it is fighting it’s hardest. So switch off the remote and try and relax.
  3. SOUP’S ON. Chicken soup has been the go to for generations as the cure-all for any type of sickness. It still rings true. Even if it’s just psychological, the warmth and comfort can make a huge difference.
  4. EAT LIGHT BUT WELL. Keeping with the sustenance theme, when you’re sick, your body needs energy to keep fighting off whatever has got you down. This means eating foods that are good for you. You also don’t want to stuff your face, because most likely you aren’t attempting to run a marathon while sick, so your body doesn’t need as much to keep it going. Keep it light but make sure it’s good food.

The last but most important tip: do what works best for you. If you know that using a nasal spray works wonders or a certain tea relieves any aches and pains, go for it. These are just some suggestions if you don’t know what works for you and your body. I know that if I drink hot tea with lemon, I always feel at least 25% better than I did before.