European Wet Room™ – The new bathroom trend

When is the last time you took a bath? The days of soaking in a tub are gone, people don’t have the time.  Why not add luxury and practicality to something you use everyday- the shower.  A universal designed walk-in shower will add comfort and ease to your everyday routine of showering. The most popular remodeling project in the United States residentially and commercially is the tub to shower conversion. Those with high-style, have gravitated towards the curbless shower, also known as the European Wet Room™, during their bathroom transformation.

The wet room was originally invented as a healthcare solution by Trending Accessibility’s global team in 1980. The curbless shower eliminates the largest physical barrier in the bathroom, the bathtub. It is unique in the sense that it opens up a room, making the floor seamless by blending the whole space together as one. Curbless showers change the functional dynamic of the room and are a new design statement. They are very popular as a solution for many commercial healthcare problems. However now they are trending hot on HOUZZ as a luxury shower component for homeowners.

  • Before-Wet room before and after
    After-Wet room before and after
    BeforeWet room before and afterAfter

There are two components to a wet room system: a shower pan available in multiple sizes and a waterproof membrane kit. The shower pan gets installed on the joists and becomes a load-bearing sub-floor. After the pan is installed, the shower walls and the floor are covered with two coats of liquid latex, making the room waterproof. In a sense you have created a fishbowl; the entire room is now water friendly.

There are lots of different shower pan styles to fit all design tastes -square drains and linear drains offer different aesthetic results than your standard circular drains. The products can be utilized in remodeling and new construction. This exciting new trend in consumer bathroom products will make you feel like you have a spa in your house.


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