Our Design and Build Firm


Amiano & Son Construction are Design/Build Professionals who pride themselves on being one of the only remodelers in

South Jersey to showcase a wide array of Design/Build construction masterpieces.

Design/Build – According to the Design/Build Institute of America, uses a single contract used to accomplish all design and construction.

That means a single team of designers and builders, working together until the project is complete.




In home consultation

All Amiano & Son remodeling projects begin with an in-home consultation. This is your chance to get to know our company and our chance to get to know your home remodeling project.  At this meeting we encourage you to ask questions, pick our brains, bounce around design ideas and develop a better understanding of your design-build options. Do some of your own homework before this meeting, review our website galleries for similar home design projects we’ve completed or projects you liked but want to know about feasibility, cost ranges and construction timelines. Utilize other tools such as web searches, magazine photos, neighbor’s homes etc. that will give us a better idea of what you are looking to do. We can also help you figure out your financing options and whether a remodeling or addition project makes financial sense as an investment.  Our objective during this meeting is to begin a relationship and to understand you: your style, your priorities for the project, your target investment, and your timeline. This meeting also sets the stage for the rest of our process as to how you will go step by step to achieve a home improvement that is both beautiful and an investment into your house.

 client meeting

Showroom design & cost estimate meeting-   

At your in-home appointment we schedule for a selection meeting at our Tabernacle Showroom. At this informative showroom meeting we will review in greater detail our design process, how it ties directly into the efficiency of running your project, an actual rough design based on our first visit,  and our professional opinion of investment cost. If the cost estimate falls within +/- 15% of your specified project budget you may choose to move forward with the Design Agreement at this point to keep your project moving forward.   The Design Process can vary based on the type of project you are considering.  On larger projects such as additions and entire level/home remodels you may need architectural drawings before you even begin to make selections. If that is the case we ask you to sign a design agreement sooner that will produce architectural drawings of your project to get accurate pricing, NJ Code requirements, and other vital information. The design agreement does not lock you into construction.  Smaller projects not requiring architectural drawings will also require a design agreement in order to work with our interior design team to work product selections into your 3D rendering.

To create these design/drawings, next steps include:walt-disney-quote

  • Identify potential project challenges and investigate them, so we can design with these considerations in mind
  • Making product selections in our showroom
  • Conducting site visits with our construction team and trade partners as needed
  • Developing concept drawings and proposed schematics for the new work
  • Monitoring the budget range of the proposed project to ensure we are tracking with the target investment


Final 3D Home Design, product & design review

After all of the selections have been made and input into your remodeling plans our design team can present you with a final 3D rendering.

Stone bar


Construction Agreement signing

Here you sit down with your entire design and sales team to review the contract details. At this time 95% or more of your questions should have been answered and you are just reviewing the final Construction Agreement with Amiano & Son.  Now that we have your authorization to proceed we will begin the permit process, set up future meetings with the field staff, and begin ordering all your product selections.

showroom contract signing



Pre-Construction Meeting

There is a pre-construction meeting that goes on a few weeks before the remodeling project begins. This meeting allows you to meet the production team from Amiano & Son if you haven’t already. At this time the production team will talk to you about the “nuts and bolts” of your project. Be prepared to ask site related questions such as “What do I do with my pets ?”, “What is the best way to communicate with you after hours ?”, etc.  Our team will have their own questions for you as well to fill out a client form held in the office with site information needed to maintain organized job site.












Why our home remodeling process works:

  • The process is simple and fluent. One step leads easily into the next.
  • You sign one contract with one company instead of lots of different contracts.
  • Our experience in working with the townships gives you peace of mind that we will keep the process flowing for you. The homeowner does not have the added stress of running paperwork back and forth.
  • You have an on-site contact as well as an off-site contact for more means of communication in regards to your project.
  • Several pair of eyes have reviewed your selections with you to confirm style, color, quantity needed and design.

Design/Build has demonstrated the ability to control cost, accelerate delivery, increase quality, and reduced complications.