5 Instant Value Adding Remodeling Ideas

These 5 renovations are instant beauty, functionality, and added value to your house.


We advise prospective remodeling clients that not every home improvement project will reward your time and money equally. When that is the foremost reason for investing in remodeling instead of improvement of living environment we have different conversations.  We talk a lot about improving your quality of life in our blogs. I thought this time we could talk about improving your house for some pay back in the short term vs. the long term. 

While some may pay back big dividends, other remodels could actually reduce the resale value of your home. Choose to make enhancements which are highly sought-after by buyers, so they’ll confer the added benefit of raising the market value of your property.

Consider these 5 home improvements for quick value add.

    Front Door Flair



When prospective buyers check out your building, they can’t help but notice the front door. Installing a new, steel door will not only make the premises seem more attractive, but it will also strengthen your home’s overall security. You may be able to boost the energy efficiency of your house with a new unit as well because old doors tend to leak air through crevices in the molding or the actual material of the door itself.



  Keep the Kitchen Current


Most people spend a lot of time in their kitchens preparing food, eating meals and just hanging out with their close friends and family. Therefore remodeling the kitchen space is something many homeowners put at the top of their list.

Depending upon budget, you can start off small with new sink faucets, lights and appliances. If you have the budget to do more, consider new cabinetry. Updating cabinetry has proven as a solid investment when remodeling your home. A beautiful kitchen is a surefire way to boost the enjoyment you get from your home as well its overall resale value.

(Wellborn Cabinet Inc. – Wellborn.com)


 Siding Replacement

Just as your front door sets the tone for anyone who enters your house, so does siding for anyone who looks at your building from the outside. Today’s siding solutions often come with lifetime guarantees, so you’ll get a long-lasting upgrade to your home’s exterior when you spring for new siding. Siding doesn’t demand much maintenance, and it serves as a protective layer atop the outdoor surfaces of your house.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Certainteed siding pictured)


    Boost Your Home’s IQ


The features now possible with would have seemed farfetched just a few short years ago. From lights that turn themselves on and off to wireless thermostats that “remember” to regulate temperatures, smart home technology can make your residence more comfortable and more responsive to your needs. They also cater to security-related concerns, because with the addition of a video surveillance system or doorbell camera, you’ll be able to see who comes to visit you before opening the door.

These products are more affordable than they have been in the past, but it’s still important to choose equipment that’s secure and reliable; otherwise, the hassles of operating the machinery may in fact decrease the enthusiasm of potential purchasers.





Deck or Patio Installation


Outdoor home improvements provide an expansion of your living spaces at a much lower cost than a custom addition would. With the right deck or patio, you can establish a location for enjoying nature without subjecting yourself to the full force of the elements. Their reasonable price tags and broad appeal among buyers of all kinds make decks and patios some of the most cost-effective ways of heightening the charm and allure of homes.

Almost everything you do to your property will have an effect, either positive or negative , on its market value. Choose your remodeling projects with present and immediate future in mind. Change is always around the corner so those who think they will move might stay. Those who think they will stay might move.  Renovate for you and your family.  You will thereby satisfy your wish to live in enviable surroundings while also setting yourself up to add value to your house when it’s time to sell.